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A year of fantastic improvements

In the last year Utility Warehouse have installed over 1.3 million free LED light bulbs to homes across the country, and with more and more customers joining every day they will soon hit 2 million. To join the thousands already benefiting, contact Gemma on 01332 232016 or 07726362064 today.

Not only are these bulbs provided for free, they are installed for free AND reduce your energy bills, by up to 15% On top of that Utility Warehouse offer the most competitive fixed price tariff of all the major providers on both gas and electric.

Customers with broadband pay for what they actually get, with three competitive price plans, and all customers, new and old paying the same. This is so loyal customers do not lose out and have to pay for the cut price deals of new ones. The three prices mean that if you can only get 34mbps in your area, you only have to pay for 34mbps. You dont have to pay for the 72mbps that some households can get access to. This means cheaper, more realistic bills for all. On top of that, Utility Warehouse offers the cheapest Line Rental of all the major companies.

Finally, as of February 2017, Utility Warehouse’s mobile phone coverage will be 94% geographical, compared to the 65% their competitors currently cover. This means you will get phone signal where ever you are in the UK, not just within cities and built up areas. And with 4G and five flexi sim only price plans, there are even more reasons to switch today. Plus if you want a new handset there is a large variety of all the latest handsets to be chosen from, and once you have finished paying for this handset your price will automatically drop back down to the sim only price.

Utility Warehouse don’t advertise so most people do not realise they were the first company to do this and their competitors have since followed suit.

Utility Warehouse Partners

Not only has the training system dramatically improved with more interactive class room sessions and more variety of subject training, but the online training has vastly increased so you can train and learn new skills at any time. As always this training is free and you can attend as many sessions as you like, with training centres country wide.

There are also two new fantastic ways to get paid an extra income that could easily replace a part time job, or full time income. First, becoming one of the Utility Warehouse Light-bulb Fitters installing free LED’s to customers country wide, and providing Utility Warehouse’s excellent customer service.

Secondly, QUIP. This is short for QUick Income Plan. What this means is that instead of earning a small monthly commission of a few pounds for each of your customers services, you can earn several years worth upfront!  That’s up to £200 per customer, with no claw backs. Not bad for an hours work. Imagine the difference this could make to your household income.

If you are interested in an extra income you can bank on, and for more information, call Gemma on 01332 232016, or 07726362064.